• From delis to sub shops, you’ll have no problem finding that perfect sandwich in Lake Tahoe. Pair it with local bread and you’ll appreciate a hand-crafted sandwich almost as much as the view.

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  • Lake Tahoe Health Food Restaurants are Top-Notch

    While the mountainous region makes it hard to brand much of the food as “locally grown,” many restaurants and cafes have no problem promising 100% organic products.

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    “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” Visits Two Tahoe Diners

    The show’s producers were drawn to the restaurant’s “comfort food with an attitude” vibe, as well as the fact that it is housed in an original 1940s diner.

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    Lake Tahoe Diners: The 1950s are Alive and Delicious

    The diner is an iconic institution at Lake Tahoe, and the diner community prides itself on one hell of a milkshake and grilled cheese.

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    Planning a Lake Tahoe Picnic

    Ready for some tasty comestibles, but not quite ready to head indoors while exploring paradise earth? Who could blame you. That’s why there are so many delis and incredible to-go shops smattering the perimeter of Lake Tahoe.

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