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Pacific Fine Arts was founded in 1973. In 1980 Judy Cunningham became the owner and Director. Prior to promoting, Judy sold her husband David Cunningham's bass relief sculptures at art festivals for 7 years. This experience provided her with a special insight into the needs of the Artists that exhibit their work at PFA events. In 2000 Dana and Troy Hale-Mounier joined Judy as partners in Pacific Fine Arts. Dana also has that special insight having been around art shows all of her life as the daughter of long time exhibitors Karen and Tom Hale.

The goal of PFA is to produce the highest quality Art Festivals possible. To that end, all persons interested in participating are juried prior to being added to PFA's rosters.

Pacific Fine Arts produces approximately 25 two- and three-day events per year, primarily in the San Francisco Bay and Lake Tahoe areas. At some festivals, the artists' displays are set up along the sidewalks or in parks, while at others streets are closed and displays set up down the center of a thoroughfare. Festivals are located in towns and cities both large and small, as well as in tourist destinations such as Mammoth Lakes.

The majority of PFA's events are Arts and Crafts Festivals where one may find fine art, handmade clothing, leather goods, and wooden toys. In addition, a number of Fine Art Festivals are also produced featuring paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture, ceramics, graphics, and jewelry.

Several of PFA's festivals have been ranked in the top 200 outdoor festivals in the country by Sunshine Artists Magazine. In 1997 they awarded first place in their first Annual National Poster Contest to the poster for the California Strawberry Festival, a PFA event.

Pacific Fine Arts is appreciated by artists and craftspeople as well as the host communities for the high quality of it's exhibitors, it's integrity, professionalism, and efficiency of operation. If you've attended a PFA event, you know first hand about the quality of the work presented. If you haven't yet had the opportunity, please check the current Schedule for a festival near you.