Lake Tahoe Asian Cuisine
  • Got that craving for a feast from the East? Fear not, you’re not alone. Asian food at Lake Tahoe is a niche that’s cooking with gas, you might say.

    Of course, there’s the quickie Chinese take-out joints, little cartons full of sticky rice and steaming sweet and sour pork. For a more leisurely dinner, you’ll find options at Stateline and Incline Village. Looking for a few long rolls? North Lake Tahoe sushi joints range from divey to posh, with prices corresponding to the level of atmosphere you’re after. Either way, the fish is fresh, the rolls are plentiful, and your choices here are abundant. And South Lake Tahoe sushi, though you might have to hunt for it, put the sob back in wasabi.

    Pad Thai calling your name? The Lake Tahoe Thai restaurant scene is thriving, from fancy white-tablecloth affairs to family style dinning options. Don’t forget that Thai food is a great place to take your vegetarian friends, with almost every dish available with just veggies or with tofu, just ask. If you head to South Lake Tahoe, be sure to order a steaming hot plate of spicy noodles – they’re the regional delight of South Lake Tahoe Thai. And for a mouthwatering mondo noodle bowl, head to historic downtown Truckee for an udon bowl that will leave you too full to walk back down the stairs.

    Whatever you’re after, you’ll find the Asian food at Lake Tahoe tasty, convenient, and abundant. Don’t forget to check our restaurant guide for details.