Lake Tahoe Health Food Restaurants are Top-Notch
  • mainimage_restaurants_vegetarian_or_vegan_teaserTofu: (n.) A protein-rich food coagulated from an extract of soybeans and used in salads and various cooked foods.

    Coagulated soybean extract? It sounds gross, right? But in the right hands, tofu is a delicious, flexible and healthy food, widely used throughout the health food scene in Lake Tahoe. It’s a great source of protein and adopts the flavor of other foods during cooking. But if you’re still not sold, there is nothing to fear, because the health food scene in Tahoe takes cues from the Bay Area’s health scene, which is known for creative platters full of variety and hints of culinary fusion. Like the Bay Area, Lake Tahoe’s health-conscious community has a quirky sense of humor, with entertaining menus, staff and overall environment.

    While the mountainous region makes it hard to brand much of the food as “locally grown,” many restaurants and cafes have no problem promising 100% organic products. And if you feel like staying in, there are plenty of health conscious and organic grocery stores available to stock your cupboards with healthy snacks, wholegrain breads, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free products.

    Park your bike and step into one of the many health food restaurants that Tahoe has to offer. Try out a luscious salad, slab burrito or tofu sandwich.