5th Annual Pain McShlonkey Classic
  • Spectators for the Pain McShonkley Classic are encouraged to come out to Squaw Valley dressed in their most outrageous ski duds. The day is sure to promise plenty of laughs, camaraderie and philanthropy in celebration of Shane McConkey.


    In 2003, Shane McConkey was the creator of the original Pain McShlonkey Open that began as a behind-the-scenes late-night race between competitors at the 1998 Winter X Games. It has since become a beloved event that attracts athletes from around the world. Its on-mountain antics provide excitement and entertainment for the world’s top winter athletes as they compete in true McConkey style- on snow blades!

    Festivities begin with the pros taking on 30 amateurs in an anything-goes snowblader downhill race. This all-out snowblader banzai will be a guaranteed crowd pleaser as a cast of celebrity judges adds to the hysterics. A jury of McConkey’s peers will hold a rigorous screening process to pre-select the 30 amateurs based on their ability, character and wit. 

     Later, the Extreme Small Mountain Snowblader Invitational where a select group of 30 pros will negotiate Squaw Valley’s legendary terrain on K2 Fatty snowblades.

    “The best way to keep Shane’s legacy alive is to remember to laugh at yourself and live life to the fullest,” says Sherry McConkey. “We hope everyone comes out to make the whole weekend tastefully outrageous and fun.”

    For more info, visit http://squaw.com