Tahoe Rim Trail: Free maps make it manageable
  • Tahoe.com Staff, 9:18am, 10/15/2013

    -Rim-Trail_articleThe Tahoe Rim Trail is our area’s hiking mecca, with 165 miles of trail circling the lake and wandering through some of the most beautiful scenery the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Carson Range have to offer.

    But if you’re like me, you read this and think, “Where do I start? How do I break that down into doable sections?” Well, luckily Pickatrail.com has answered those questions for me, and you.

    The trail is broken down into 18 sections, most in about 10-mile increments, and you can download trail maps for GPS devices, get topo maps and more, all for free and without registering or joining anything. It’s a pretty cool service… check it out.




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