Lake Tahoe Marathon


    Sept 11-14- The Lake Tahoe Marathon starts Sunday on Commons Beach in Tahoe City and finishes on Pope Beach near South Lake Tahoe. On Friday and Saturday you can run two other different marathons or half marathons, the Emerald Bay Marathon on Friday and on Saturday the Cal-Neva Marathon. Run them a la carte or with the Tahoe Triple Marathoners.

    New in 2011 was the Tahoe Trifecta. Run 3 different half marathons in 3 days all with spectacular views of Lake Tahoe.

    Finisher’s medals are giving to all of our finishers of all races at the finish lines and an event Wind shirts to all of our registered athletes at the Expo.

    We offer optional fun events for runners and family. On Saturday enjoy our Sunset Pasta Cruise; and Race Day have your family and friends join you at the finish line at our optional Finish Line Lunch for a post race feast.

    If you are tough enough, try our 72 Mile Midnight Express Ultra Marathon, or our 3-Day Tahoe Triple Marathon. The Tahoe 72 Mile Ultra is one lap around Lake Tahoe starting at 10 PM and finishing with the regular marathon. The Tahoe Triple will measure your heart and desire with 3 different marathons in 3 days run on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, covering the whole lake and 2 states.

    And if you are one of the toughest people in the world try our SUPER TRIPLE MARATHON. The Super Triple is the first two marathons of the Triple, then instead of going to bed on Saturday, running the 72 mile Midnight Express.

    We also offer a 50 miler. And we are offering the The Tahoe Double Dare again for those hearty ultra runners plus the Tahoe Triple Dare which is 3 x 72 miles around the lake over 3 day. The Double Dare starts on Thursday night and then unwinds with another 72 miler with the Midnight Express runners on Saturday night.

    The Lake Tahoe Triathlon is a one of a kind event with Kayaking or Swimming on Friday; choice of cycling distances on Saturday; and a choice of runs on Sunday. And any of our triathlon events can be run a la carte or as a designer Triathlon. Just take your choice of any three events and you have your personal Triathlon.

    All the runs are point to point and scenic from start to finish. The Marathon, 20 Miler, and Half are run along the west shore of Lake Tahoe and include challenging hills around spectacular Emerald Bay. The 10K which begins at Inspiration Point over looking Emerald Bay is a very scenic 99% downhill run. The beauty of Lake Tahoe will take your breath away!

    The Optimist Kids Fun Runs are Saturday afternoon and come with a finisher’s metal, hotdog, drink and personalized race bib. ALL FOR FREE!!

    Speed Golf is played on Saturday at Tahoe Paradise Golf Course. Run the course with 3 golf clubs. Your score is your finish time added to your golf score.

    And all of your race photos are FREE as they are included in your entry fee.