Lake Tahoe Crawfishing Guide
  • Staff, 2:50pm, 8/21/2013

    There’s an estimated 300 million crayfish in Lake Tahoe. That’s almost one crayfish for every citizen in the United States. With so many, why not try your chances at some crawfishing?

    For the casual curious crawfisher

    Go to your local sporting goods store and pick up a fishing net and a fishing poll. Then go to your grocery store and pick up some chicken livers. Then head down to Lake Tahoe sit on your favorite dock, drop your line in with some chicken liver and wait. If you feel some action on your string, slowly pull it up and behold your catch!

    For the crawfish meal

    If you’re looking to make a meal out of your catch then you’re going to need a basket. Check your local sporting goods stores for crawfish baskets. You’re going to want a basket similar to a lobster pot, but with smaller holes so the crawfish can’t escape. If you’re good with tools then you might consider making your own crawfish basket. There are plenty of resources online to show you how. You can even make a simple trap out of the a 2 liter plastic bottle. Once you have a basket, simply attach it to a rope and buoy and toss it off a dock. Don’t forget to place some meat inside the basket to attract the crawfish. Let it sit in the water for about 12 hours, then pull it up and harvest your catch.

    Kings Beach has a sloping sandy beach, and a pier for great crawdad fishing, and you can rent kayaks, paddle boats and water trikes for added amusement.

    Image: Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) image from OakleyOriginals‘s Flickr photostream

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