The Reno Air Races
  • biplane race

    Biplanes race around the pylon. Photo by Jeremy Spilker.

    The National Championship Air Races, locally known as the Reno Air Races, are scheduled for Sept. 10-14. The World’s Fastest Motor Sport will return in 2014 with some big changes to the event.

    After a thrilling and captivating performance at the 50th National Championship Air Races in 2013, the Reno Air Racing Association (RARA) announced the L-39 Patriots Jet Team is the latest of a number of highly-acclaimed acts to take to northern Nevada’s star-studded skies at the 2014 event. The Patriots Jet Team joins the awe-inspiring F-22 Raptor Demonstration Team and groundbreaking aerobatic pilot Melissa Pemberton as the aviation entertainment headliners for this year’s revamped event, which will include concerts and a more festival-like atmosphere.

    The L-39 Patriots Jet Team will delight audiences with its display of stunning aerobatic maneuvers, including the signature “Tail Slide,” in which the aircraft slides backwards toward the ground, a move unique to the Patriots. The Patriots Jet Team is a civilian six-ship jet team who are all former military pilots who have flown for the Blue Angels, Thunderbirds and Canadian Snowbirds. In addition to its dazzling moves, the Patriots Jet Team is known for painting the skies with its computerized red, white and blue smoke system.

    Held at the Stead Airfield just outside Reno’s city limits for the last 51 years, the Air Races annually attract hundreds of thousands of spectators to the fastest show on Earth.

    During the event there are also displays of aerobatic prowess, with pilots doing amazing stunts that thrill the crowds. Military static displays and demonstrations also happen daily.

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