Time-lapse photography gives unique view of Lake Tahoe
  • TimeLapse-TDT-050413

    Photo by Nate Metcalf. Photographer Justin Majeczky sets up a shot for “Tahoe Time” on Speedboat Beach.

    Fireworks burst overhead at a frenetic pace, boats drift in unison with Lake Tahoe’s wind-driven currents, the Milky Way arcs across the night sky, clouds rush past the Sierra Crest — all in less than five minutes.

    Lake Tahoe has never been criticized for its lack of beauty, but the work of time-lapse photographers has shown the lake’s allure in a new light.

    Justin Majeczky released a stunning compilation of time-lapse shots entitled “Tahoe Time” about a year ago and said the four-and-a-half minute edit of Lake Tahoe was rooted in a single series he got from the Mount Rose Highway in 2010.

    “I really just wanted to capture it in a way that’s never been done,” the former Kings Beach resident said last week. “I figured time lapse was a way to do that.”

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