A Bike Ride From Squaw Valley to Tahoe City
  • This is the a casual, scenic ride perfect for families and bike enthusiasts alike

    Riding a bike from Squaw Valley to Tahoe City is a cheap and healthy way to enjoy half a day in paradise. The trek begins at the Squaw Valley Village, where you can grab some caffeine, carbs and, if need be, some R&R. From here it’s all uphill, but not too steep. The grade on this ride is minimal, making it great for families and casual riders.

    Once to Tahoe City, riders have two options: travel northeast on Highway 28 or south on Highway 89, toward Homewood.

    Those with the energy can travel south on Highway 28, with some deviations, all the to McKinney Bay. But keep in mind there are sections that may require riding on the the highway shoulder. Or for an entire days worth of riding, cyclists can travel northeast from Tahoe City on Highway 89 for 10 miles until reaching Kings Beach. Then take Highway 267 north for 12 miles to Truckee. Finally complete your day with a 11-mile ride back up Highway 89 to Squaw Valley. The entire loop is about 50 miles.