Lake Tahoe's Whimsical Weddings: Camaraderie
  • From the venues, to the recreation activities, to the music, to the region’s camaraderie, there’s nothing like tying the knot in Tahoe

    By Jenny Goldsmith
    Tahoe Magazine

    Lake Tahoe weddings are unparalleled when it comes to beauty, romance and caliber. From a private wedding onboard a luxury yacht to a rustic cabin setting with family and friends; from an extravagant helicopter ceremony in the bluebird sky to an upscale exchange of vows at one of Tahoe’s luxury resorts, the Tahoe region offers a myriad of wedding opportunities for any style, budget or taste.

    “With some of the most gorgeous scenery in the world, Tahoe provides a romantic backdrop unlike any other,” said Danielle Loberg, event coordinator with Lake Tahoe Cruises and Zephyr Cove Resort. “Whether the beach, mountains, banquet halls; sunshine or snow, you can have the wedding you have always dreamed about.”

    Venues Hotels Activities MusicCamaraderie

    It’s that camaraderie that so many industry professionals echo that really elevates Tahoe as a premier wedding center from other destination locales.

    “I was so surprised by that element of camaraderie and work-togetherness between vendors in Tahoe,” said Panico. “There’s not a lot of rivalry and vendors aren’t as competitive as they would be in a larger metropolitan area, and that’s really refreshing, I didn’t expect that at all when I brought my services to the region.”

    Maybe it’s the dense air pressure or the overall positive attitude shared by Lake Tahoe locals, but that fellowship and cooperation among the region’s vendors alleviates any conflict that may arise in the marriage planning process.

    “What I love about Tahoe and Truckee is that the vendor community is really very small and we all work very hard to maintain strong friendships and relationships with one another,” Corridan said. “When you’re trucks aren’t getting through on highway 80 because of a snow storm, you have to rely on other people in the neighborhood to get things done, and that’s what makes us all successful.”