Base Camp Pizza Opens At Lake Tahoe's Heavenly Village
  • Staff, 12:33pm, 6/4/2012

    Photo by Josh Sweigert / Tahoe Daily Tribune

    You can find a good pizzeria at every corner of the Lake Tahoe region and now there’s a new pizzeria to try at Lake Tahoe’s Heavenly Village. The spoke with Nick Maffei, manager of Base Camp Pizza about the business growth and menu:

    “For me it’s the unusual flavor combos,” Maffei said. “The Smoky BBQ Chicken has a barbecue base, oven-roasted chicken, and red onions. Then it’s topped with smoked Gouda cheese. It’s so creamy, it ties the pie together.”

    Another standout selection is the Thai Chicken Curry, chicken, yellow bell peppers, tomatoes, red onion and mascarpone cheese topped with fresh lime slices, basil and cilantro. Underneath all this is Base Camp’s sweet thai curry sauce with a touch of coconut.

    The man behind many of the exotic flavors at Base Camp is Marc Vaccaro, the well-traveled head chef of the three restaurants. Over the last decade, Vaccaro has made a point of traveling the globe, studying faraway recipes, ingredients and techniques in Thailand, India, Australia, and South America.

    “It’s all about bringing a new sauce or flavor to a customer,” He said. “Throughout traveling I’m always thinking about things that would translate.”

    While plans for patio seating, an outdoor bar, and delivery service are on the horizon, the staff at Base Camp things have been good so far.

    “The response so far has been excellent,” Maffei noted. “When we tell people that we’ve only been open a week, they can’t believe it.”

    Base Camp Pizza is located in the Heavenly Village, across from Seattle’s Best Coffee.

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