Enjoy the Weekend With a Lake Tahoe Wild-Flower Hike
  • Tahoe.com Staff, 2:53pm, 5/16/2012

    Lake Tahoe’s generous snow-filled winter has melted—mostly. And the flowers are reaping the benefits. Now is the time to plan out some weekend hikes. Enjoy the blooming flowers this Saturday. Then spend all day Sunday resting your legs on one of Lake Tahoe’s fine beaches. We’ve got a few hikes we think you’ll enjoy.

    For the long hike

    Check out these three options on the Tahoe Rim Trail, perhaps Lake Tahoe’s most iconic trail. Since its inception more than 25 years ago, the Tahoe Rim Trail has been thought of as a way to experience Tahoe’s beauty from its highest reaches. The trail, which runs along the ridge tops of Lake Tahoe, actually can be compressed into several digestible parts. It’s the perfect outdoor resource for young families who want a few hours to frolic among the wildflowers, or for the hardened through-hiker who would like to spend several days amid Tahoe’s high-elevation splendor.

    For the mountain lake bound

    Take a hike to Marlette Lake from Spooner Lake in Nevada State Park. This moderate 4-mile-hike offers picturesque views of Tahoe, with access to the Flume Trail, Tahoe Rim Trail and the crystal clear waters of Marlette Lake.

    For the perfect view of Donner Lake

    The Mt. Judah trail begins with a series of switch backs. It’s a bit of a climb, but children 10 and up should have no problem keeping up with mom and dad. The trail itself is well maintained, but a rocky section demands attention to avoid sprained ankles. Further up the trail, open areas offer shade and refuge for water breaks. About a mile or so in, take a left, continuing on the Mt. Judah trail at the Pacific Crest Trail junction. Follow this trail up and you’ll soon see some spectacular views of Donner Lake to your left.

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