Check Out These Disc Golf Tips
  • Staff, 9:12am, 4/27/2012

    Do your finger stretches and practice your wrist snap, Lake Tahoe is nearing disc golf season. To get you geared for a summer of disc golf, check out these throwing tips form

    “For the beginner I recommend getting out there as much as possible,” McDermott recommends. “Try many different types of throws including the back hand, forearm (flick), tomahawk, etc. to see what works best. Grip the disc tightly. Keep the throws low and parallel to the ground. Have fun.”

    I had a little trouble with my driver disc at first. What worked for me was to think about keeping my arm straight (not bent like in an ultimate frisbee throw) and level with the ground. You really throw with your whole body in disc golf, almost arcing it out of your hand.

    And a HUGE tip is to WATCH WHERE YOUR DISC LANDS. Pick out a landmark, follow your disc to the ground; otherwise you’ll spend your time searching for your disc in the woods versus playing.

    As with any sport, the more you play, the easier the throws become. They might seem impossible at first, but don’t give up. “The best way to learn is by spending time playing,” advises McDermott. “Follow the advice of more seasoned players is also very helpful. Practice time putting, driving, and mid range shots will make you a better player as well.”

    Where to throw the disc?

    Some of the best and most challenging disc golf courses are in Lake Tahoe. South Lake Tahoe and the surrounding area boasts three disc golf courses. Disc golf is a fun, low-cost activity the whole family can enjoy. Once you’ve got the discs, here’s where to use them:

    • Bijou Disc Golf: Tahoe’s original disc golf course. Bijou Park is located at the corner of Johnson Boulevard and Al Tahoe Boulevard in South Lake Tahoe. The entrance is off of Al Tahoe Boulevard.
    • Kirkwood Mountain Resort has eighteen holes, all but three of which feature a significant elevation change. Take Highway 50 to Meyers. After the Agriculture Checkpoint turn left onto Highway 89. When 89 ends at Pickett’s Junction, turn right onto Highway 88. Follow Highway 88 14 miles to Kirkwood. The disc golf course is at the top of the Mighty Mountain parking lot.
    • Zephyr Cove features views of Lake Tahoe from a number of holes. Zephyr Cove Park is located just off Highway 50 on Warrior Way. Coming from Lake Tahoe, turn at the fire station just past Zephyr Cove Resort.
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