Your Lake Tahoe Wedding Starts Here
  • What is it like to have your wedding at Lake Tahoe? It’s a wedding in the mountains, a wedding on the beach or a wedding in the woods. It’s a rustic lake-side cabin or luxurious casino suite. No matter the venue, your wedding is destined to be as unforgettable as it is beautiful. Take the first step by planning your dream wedding with this guide.

    An introduction to Lake Tahoe

    Lake Tahoe is full of wedding venues and you could easily spend an entire week driving around in an attempt to see them all. But don’t let that take up all your planning time. Get to know our smaller communities. It helps to understand what these communities are like before picking the perfect venue. This guide will help you understand where you are, as you tour the area. Read our communities guide. From a perfect destination wedding to exotic wedding ideas, Lake Tahoe has all of your wedding questions answered.

    Lake Tahoe’s reliable wedding merchants

    Our wedding section is the premier resource for locating experienced and reliable Lake Tahoe wedding providers. A Lake Tahoe wedding — big or small, summer, winter or fall — will ensure that your day to remember is a reality far exceeding your dreams. Let them help you plan your dream wedding.

    Pick a venue
    Nothing is more important than where your wedding and wedding reception will take place. Lake Tahoe offers a plethora of indoor and outdoor wedding venues that take full advantage of the area’s spectacular natural scenery and extensive nightlife. Browse our favorite venues.

    Get prepped at a salon or spa
    With so many weddings going on during the spring and summer season, it’s best to plan your salon treatments early. Check out some of our favorite Lake Tahoe Salons and spas.

    Feed them well
    Keep the family and friends happy with a full stomach. Lake Tahoe’s extensive dining options mean choosing a fine location for a rehearsal dinner is so simple. Casual, formal, buffet, private rooms — Lake Tahoe rehearsal dinner options can accommodate pretty much any request. View our favorite restaurants and catering options.

    Seasonal Weddings

    Are you planning a Summer wedding or a Winter wedding? Would you like to tie the knot on a sandy beach or a snow-capped mountain top? Don’t let the changing seasons catch you by surprise, plan early for a wedding during the season of your choosing.

    A wedding in the Summer: Fun in the sun
    Have a beautiful wedding in Lake Tahoe this summer. Read our summer guide to get a feel for everything that Lake Tahoe has to offer during the summer months. When you decide to tie the knot during the summer months you’re opening the door to a variety of outdoor venues, like a wedding in the mountains, an iconic Tahoe beach or even a wedding on Lake Tahoe itself.

    A wedding in the Winter: A nice season for a white wedding
    What is more romantic than a snow white wedding? Each winter Lake Tahoe is blanketed with beautiful snow. A winter wedding at Lake Tahoe is a dream come true, as you tie the knot near a roaring fire at one of the decadent lodges around the lake, or sip mulled wine at your reception overlooking the snow-covered tree-tops and the lake beyond. View our ski section to plan a wedding on the slopes.

    A Lake Tahoe honeymoon

    Even if you don’t have your wedding here, you can still go out with a bang with a Lake Tahoe honeymoon. And if you do have a Lake Tahoe wedding, the perks of a Tahoe honeymoon are right at your fingertips. Plan a romantic getaway to a luxurious resort or cabin rental. Save some money on the accommodation with our vacation deals page.