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  • Staff, 9:25am, 2/21/2012

    The Cedar House Sports Hotel

    Looking for a good ski camp? Look no further because Lake Tahoe’s ‘Tahoe Trips & Trails’ ski camp combines wold-class instruction with wold-class luxury, March 4-8. Julie Young, winner of the Tour de L’Aude instructs this camp to improve novice skiers on varied terrain. After a day of hard work attendees will get to enjoy gourmet meals and luxury lodging at Cedar House Sports Hotel. The Sierra Sun reports:

    Warm your muscles and increase flexibility with pre-skiing stretches each morning. Expect to focus on moves necessary to obtain a strong skiing stance including single leg strength, core strength and balance. Students will have the opportunity to practice on land before striding and skating on the snow. The small group atmosphere allows each skier to receive one-on-one feedback and learn from one another.

    Each day includes a gourmet lunch. At night the fun continues with a hands on make-your-own pizza class, gourmet dinners and a moonlit snowshoe tour.

    For reservations call 530-587-2251

    Learn more about the Cedar House Sports Hotel

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