Ski Magazine’s ‘Best Airports For Skiers’ Article Chooses Reno-Tahoe Airport
  • Staff, 8:26am, 2/17/2012

    It’s not uncommon to see ski bums in the early morning hours sprinting through the Reno-Tahoe Airport to make the next ski shuttle. Every winter this airport is teaming with skiers and boarders ready to shred up some local resorts. Maybe that’s why Ski Magazine named this airport one of the “Best Airports For Skiers.” Cody Townsend of Ski Magazine writes:

    Reno is one of the easiest airports to fly in and out of. There are rarely lines at check-in or going through security. You really don’t need to be there more than an hour before your flight, no matter what time of day you are departing.

    I’ve never bothered to print out my boarding pass prior to arriving at the airport because it’s never crowded.

    Flights are rarely cancelled, but with that being said, sometimes wind and fog in the wintertime can cause delays and even cancellations.

    Fast Taxi is the best and cheapest shuttle to and from Tahoe. It’s door-to-door service, plus you’re supporting real ski bums.

    Sometimes the highway closes if it’s snowing super hard.

    Image: Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from Reno Tahoe Territory‘s Flickr photostream.

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