Lake Tahoe Locals Start Making 'Moonshine'
  • Staff, 3:53pm, 2/14/2012

    Tahoe Moonshine won’t make you go blind and it’s not made in a bathtub. Tahoe Moonshine is one of Lake Tahoe’s newest businesses. They make craft spirits like whiskey, gin, rum and vodka. For Jeff VanHee, what started as a project in making ethanol for fuel has turned into one of Lake Tahoe’s hottest craft exports. The reports.

    Since December 2010, his [Jeff VanHee] Tahoe Moonshine business has been up and running. Just three months ago, he brought two other distillers on board. Now, they’re making enough moonshine to sell in several stores in Nevada.

    “It’s in Whole Foods now, Total Wine and Spirit, Ben’s in Reno,” says VanHee, just naming a few stores. Pretty soon, he plans to start selling his liquor in California.

    Tahoe Moonshine now makes whiskey, gin, light and dark rum, and vodka. VanHee also makes seasonal varieties and says the peanut butter vodka is his favorite.

    Ross Patton, one of the distillers, says he thinks the all-organic ingredients and local water are what make their alcohol stand out from everything else on store shelves. Especially when it comes to his favorite: whiskey.


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