5 Reasons to Plan Your Lake Tahoe Summer Trip Now
  • Tahoe.com Staff, 11:32am, 2/6/2012

    Here are a few reasons why you should start planning your Lake Tahoe summer vacation now with Tahoe.com! Whether you are planning a summer vacation or wedding on the beach, now is the best time to book your flight and reserve a room. Plan around the high traffic weekends. Get the a spot at your favorite camp site. Don’t get stuck in the summer rush.

    1. Plan early and pay less
      It’s no secret. If you book your flights three to five months early, you’ll be sure to save a substantial amount on air fair. A round-trip ticket from L.A. to Reno in July is currently going for around $200. Add that to a 3-night-stay at around $80 per night and you’ve got a pretty affordable vacation. Better yet, drive in from the Bay Area and you could land a very nice affordable weekend in the mountains with an early booked vacation rental.
    2. Beat the hotel room hustle
      Lake Tahoe has some high traffic weekends. The 4th of July weekend can be one of the most fun yet hardest weekends to plan for in Lake Tahoe. Everything from hotels to camp sites will book fast. Book now and you’ll be sure to beat that rush.
    3. Reserve that dream wedding venue
      You might be surprised how many weddings take place at Tahoe each summer weekend. If you haven’t reserved your venue for your Lake Tahoe summer wedding, now is a good time to tie up loose ends. If you do have everything planned out, be sure to remind guests to book their rooms and airfare early. Save the in-laws some  money and get the party off on the right foot.
    4. Get a spot at your favorite campsite
      How close would you like to camp to the lake? If you want a camp site with a view, you may want to reserve your spot now. Camping at Tahoe is great way to spend your summer vacation. It is so great, in fact, that many campers come year after year. So booking a spot early is crucial, especially for RVs and other big rigs.  
    5. Solidify you vacation time
      This is especially important for large groups. There are a few weekends that everyone would like to take off. So put in for vacation early and avoid bringing your work with you. 
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