Owner of Tahoe Teas Moved from Slovenia with Just a Backpack and Skis
  • Tahoe.com Staff, 3:53pm, 1/25/2012

    This is one story that perfectly accentuates why so many who visit Lake Tahoe fall in love with the area and decide to make their vacation permanent. Alenka Vrecek came to Lake Tahoe from Slovenia when she was 20 with a backpack and a pair of skis. Growing up at the base of the Alps planted the seed for her love of tea and gardening. Years later Vrecek opened Tahoe Teas, a wholesale distributor that specializes in loose-leaf tea, blends and herbal blends. The Sierra Sun reported:

    Tahoe City resident Alenka Vrecek grew up in Slovenia where she spent a lot of time with her grandparents in the majestic foothills of the Alps. Her fond memories of drying chamomile, rose hips, berries and mountain herbs as a child play a big role in her life today.

    “I spent my summers digging vegetables straight from my grandma’s garden, wiping the soil off on my pants and eating them right then and there. I spent hours picking currents, blueberries and all kinds of herbs my grandparents grew in their garden. I learned how to use herbs as natural medicines from my grandma. My grandpa was a beekeeper and we used honey for sweetener and bee pollen for medicines,” said Vrecek.

    She grows as much as she can in her garden, strives to buy organic, local and seasonal produce as frequently as possible and shares family meals with loved ones on a regular basis. As the founder of Tahoe Teas, Vrecek’s business philosophy is simple: Honest products, people and practices. Her unwavering belief that anything is possible with hard work and passion emerges in full force when she discusses her life and company.

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    Photo: © 2012 Tahoe Teas

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