Lake Tahoe Restaurant Serves Up One of the World’s Hottest Peppers
  • Staff, 12:55pm, 1/10/2012

    A dried Ghost Pepper

    One Tahoe restaurant owner is offering up a dish that will surely keep you warm this Winter. The Artemis Mediterranean Grill in South Lake Tahoe offers up a delectable, mouth-burning dish of “Ghost Wings,”  with a rub that includes dried Ghost Peppers, imported from India. If you enjoy hot food, or just a challenge, be sure to check this out. Adam Jensen of the Tahoe Daily Tribune reports on Tahoe’s hottest dish:

    Sweating, runny noses, chugging milk and bolting to the nearest water source are common reactions to eating the wings. The restaurant stopped serving the appetizer to children following more than one bout with a crying child who was unprepared for the ghost pepper’s tenacity.

    Those familiar with the offering have also been known to foist it upon unsuspecting friends for a laugh, Luke said.

    “I thought you were joking,” is a common response from people who ignore a casual warning about the wings and think they’ve already tasted the pinnacle of hotness.

    Still, for some, even the ghost pepper isn’t enough.

    “A lot of people know what they are and come in for them,” Luke said.

    One woman regularly comes in, quietly eats a full order of the wings with a knife and fork and never breaks a sweat, Luke said.

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    Image: The Hottest Pepper in the World, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from Saucy Salad’s photostream.

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