Where to Find Hot Coffee on a Cold Day
  • Choose a café that fits your personality!

    Whether you’re a daily drinker, or a once in a while social sipper, you can get your coffee just about anywhere in Lake Tahoe. But we recommend these hotspots where the lattes are as enjoyable as the company.

    The Squaw Valley Ski Bum

    PlumpJack Café

    1920 Squaw Valley Road, Olympic Valley, CA

    The PlumpJack Bar and PlumpJack Cafe in Olympic Valley, California provide the perfect setting for a casual meal or a celebratory night out. The PlumpJack Bar serves lunch through late dinner, inside by the fireplace in winter and outside on the sun-drenched patio in summer. PlumpJack Cafe offers elegantly crafted menus nightly in the dining room.

    The Hangout

    The Divided Sky

    3200 US Highway 50, South Lake Tahoe, CA

    The Divided Sky has embraced the greater South Lake Tahoe area, becoming an alternative to the busier casino corridor for live music, good food and drinks and a comfortable, friendly vibe. The Divided Sky remains a centerpiece of the Meyers community, as well as a habit-forming hangout.

    The Perfect Cappuccino

    The Steak and Lobster House and Bistro Elise

    14 State Route 28, Crystal Bay, NV

    Located inside the Crystal Bay casino, the wonderful Bistro Elise offers a perfectly made cappuccino, a fresh Panini sandwich, guilt-free Italian dessert and all in an eco-friendly environment and best combination of flavors happens at the Steak & Lobster House.

    The Lakefront View

    West Shore Café & Inn

    5160 West Lake Boulevard, Homewood, CA

    Lake Tahoe’s West Shore Cafe is a picturesque lakefront restaurant and inn located adjacent to Homewood Mountain Resort. Cuisine famous for its all-encompassing flavors is both exquisite and affordable. With beautiful surroundings, warm ambiance, the West Shore Café is a favorite among Tahoe’s community and visitors alike.