Lake Tahoe Cross-Country Skiing Guide

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    It has long been known how valuable the sport of cross country skiing is for both for the body and the mind. Some consider cross country skiing the perfect sport: It uses most all muscle masses, burns lots of calories and it’s enjoyable. It provides an opportunity to spend time with friends and family while getting exercise. As a muscle-powered sport, the pace is relaxed enough to make it social as well as athletic, and affords a winter experience.

    Cross country skiing burns more calories per hour than other sports. A person can burn from 472 calories an hour to as much as 1,116 calories when climbing uphill. Burning calories can be as much fun as taking calories in, both fulfilling in their own way. It certainly allows you to have that extra hot chocolate at the end of the day.

    Cross country skiing also is an excellent low-stress outdoor exercise. The movement of gliding is easy on the legs and back, as opposed to the pounding of other sports. Medical professionals advocate it as the best cardiovascular fitness activity. The benefits are endless for this low-risk, low-impact aerobic form of exercise.

    Lake Tahoe is mecca for cross country skiing. There are many options for skiing, all providing a very different experience, on endless kilometers of machine groomed trails to the peaceful undeveloped meadows or backcountry trails.

    At Lake Tahoe we have a long ski season, typically beginning at Thanksgiving going to late April. The cross country resorts offer everything from expansive meadows to steep herringbone climbs; from great decks for picnics to yummy cafes. Most areas have excellent machine groomed trail (a feature Tahoe areas pride themselves with) and all areas have lot of ascends and descents, the mountains around Lake Tahoe are steep.