Tahoe Regions: North Shore
  • Tahoe City

    On the northwest side of the lake, Tahoe City is a perfect little hamlet for visitors to enjoy the quiet of the lake while having plenty of entertainment options close by. With good restaurants and easy access to a public beach, Tahoe City has everything you need. Try the free Sunday afternoon concerts on the beach, and the best golfing deal around at Tahoe City’s nine-hole course.

    Kings Beach

    Just west of Incline Village, Kings Beach sits atop Lake Tahoe. With easy access to Truckee, the casinos and the lake, Kings Beach truly lives up to its name. And it’s only going to get better. With $48 million in improvements scheduled for the downtown corridor, the future of Kings Beach will see easy access for visitors between the shopping areas and the recreation area, filled with volleyball courts, sandy beaches and barbecue spots. Also, look for the free concerts and art shows this summer.

    Incline Village

    This luxury village is home to some of the wealthiest people in the world. When you drive through, take Lakeside Drive to view the large estates that border the lake on the northeast side of the lake. Only five miles from the casinos, and 30 miles from Reno, Incline Village offers private beaches to its residents and some guests, and beautiful views of the West Shore.

    Crystal Bay

    Spectacular view, home to the Crystal Bay Casino and just over the mountains that separate Lake Tahoe from Reno, Nev–this region is perfect for boaters with a well maintained marina, and great for weekend warriors interested in some lake side entertainment.

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