'10-'11: A Winter Season to Remember
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    There’s a reason they call it the Sierra Nevada (Spanish for snowy range). The winter of 2010-2011 gave us record breaking snow fall. Roads were closed. Cars were buried. Schools were canceled. But the resorts were looking better than ever recording winter totals from 500 to 800 inches, nearly doubling season averages.

    So what did that mean for resorts like Squaw Valley, Heavenly and North Star at Tahoe? It meant more powder days, longer terrain park seasons and a very long spring skiing season. So long that much of Lake Tahoe saw summer skiing! Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows, and Kirkwood opened for Independence Day skiing and riding. Epic!

    Here are a few more stats from record breaking years:

    • 1 day snowfall: 67 inches (5.6 ft.) at Echo Summit, Jan 4, 1982 (2nd in US)
    • Single storm snowfall: 186.6 inches (15.6 ft.) at Donner Summit, 1982 (2nd in US)
    • 1 month snowfall: 390 inches (32.5 ft.) at Tamarack, Jan. 1991 (US record)
    • Total winter snowfall: 884 inches (73.7 ft.) Tamarack, 1906-07
    • Greatest snow depth: 451 inches (37.6 ft.) at Tamarack, Mar. 11, 1911 (US record)
    • Highest average March snow depth: 108 inches (9 ft.) at Echo Summit

    So if you’re looking for deep snow and late winters, look no further! We’ve got the numbers to prove it. Keep up to date with our weather section.