Rubicon Trail: A Legendary Off-Road Experience
  • You might be crazy to attempt the entire 22-mile-long Rubicon Trail. Or, you might just be one of the many off-road enthusiasts who flock to the area every year to earn their off-road wings and the right to say, “I completed the Rubicon.” But if you’re new to off roading, this isn’t the trail for you. This will test your patience, your knowledge and most off all—your vehicle.

    Those interested in conquering the trail better come prepared with the tools and knowledge to keep your off-road vehicle running. A nice set of big tires, heavy duty suspension and bullet proof axels are a good place to start. But there is no telling what challenges and obstacles you’ll face on the trail so don’t try to tackle it alone, and be sure to bring plenty of food and water.

    One of the biggest events to take place on the Rubicon trail is the annual Jeep Jamboree CA, which has taken more than 35,000 vehicles across the finish line.

    To keep the trail in pristine condition for those behind you, here are a few Rubicon guidelines to remember:

    • Stay within 25’ of the middle of the established trail.
    • Do not drive over vegetation.
    • Do not create new bypasses.
    • Buckle your seatbelts.
    • Be courteous to others.
    • Go low and slow.
    • Camp away from water.
    • Use a portable toilet.
    • Pack out your trash and waste.
    • Don’t drink and drive.
    • Carry an oil spill kit.
    • Be responsible for yourself.

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