Lake Tahoe Hiking: Marlette Lake
  • Staff, 1:00am, 8/4/2011

    A view from the shore of Marlette Lake

    Take a hike to Marlette Lake from Spooner Lake in Nevada State Park. This moderate 4-mile-hike offers picturesque views of Tahoe, with access to the Flume Trail, Tahoe Rim Trail and the crystal clear waters of Marlette Lake.

    There’s a parking fee, so be prepared.

    Before you hit the trail, you might eat some breakfast on the shore of Spooner Lake. It’s a beautiful sight and a preview of what is to come. Mountain bikers, hikers, runners and equestrians fill up the parking lot in the early hours, so be sure to make it an early morning if you come up on a Saturday.

    This trail is a perfect day hike for weekend warriors. It’s about 8-9 miles, roundtrip. You should have plenty of time to enjoy some swimming in Marlette. The easy to moderate grade keeps your legs in shape; and the surrounding aspens, douglas firs and wild flowers should keep your lungs filled with crisp mountain air.

    Once at the lake, pick a nice beach to set up your spot and eat some lunch. At around 2000 ft. higher than Lake Tahoe, you can bet the water is going to be a little cold–but so refreshing after the hike.

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