Lake Tahoe Mountain Biking Guide
  • A rider drops over an obstacle at Northstar-at-Tahoe.

    Lake Tahoe is the ultimate in Mountain Biking and contains many sought after trails, single-track vistas, downhill heart-stoppers and even trails for the family. Explore this guide and learn what to expect when riding here. Be prepared for riding in various conditions and terrain.

    Find Trails by Region:

    North Shore

    From the Emigrant trail to Northstar California’s world renown downhill tracks. You’ll love North Shore’s variety.

    East Shore

    Welcome to the Flume Trail, 23 miles of bliss, adrenalin and serenity, all wrapped into one unforgettable experience.

    South Shore

    Take a pit stop at a mountain lake for lunch, then watch the sunset after a long day of riding. The South Shore has trails for every rider.


    Find Trails by Experience Level:


    Expect smooth trails with minor elevation changes – good for all abilities.


    Expect more rocks and obstacles, greater elevation changes, and narrower paths.


    Expect several rocks and obstacles, drops, logs, banks, steep descents and ascents, and elevation changes of several hundred feet.


    Lake Tahoe Mountain Biking Videos: