Packing the Car for a Summer Lake Tahoe Trip
  • Packing the car for a summer trip to Lake Tahoe? A Lake Tahoe guide book is always a good thing to bring in the car, if just to heighten anticipation of arriving in the Lake Tahoe basin, and maybe a book or two about some of the early characters in Lake Tahoe, like Mark Twain or George Whitell.

    Bikes are a great thing to bring along if you have them, and helmets (it’s the law in California), since there are many family-friendly paved cycle paths as well as mondo downhill trails all around the lake.

    If you have any water gear, like a canoe, or kayak, stand up paddle board, windsurfer or kite, strap it to the top of the minivan and plan to spend hours on the lake exploring. If you’re into sketching or painting, be sure to pack your art supplies, because the scenery at Lake Tahoe will call to your creative side.

    Hiking gear doesn’t take up too much room in the back, and climbing gear will come in handy if you like to climb – there are dozens of places around the lake to hug the rocks.

    If you plan to beach it, bring some towels, an umbrella and the cooler, and a few beach toys; even the big kids can get into building sandcastles, hunting crawdads, exploring the underwater environment with a mask, snorkel and fins, and floating under the hot summer sun in an innertube.

    You’ll find Lake Tahoe is a great place to chill, so maybe bring a few card games, a puzzle and that best-seller you’ve been hording for those long evenings when you’re unwinding from a day at the beach or recovering from a long hike. And most importantly, you’ll need a swimsuit, a pair of jeans, some sturdy walking shoes, sun screen, shades and the camera.