Lake Tahoe Summer Camps
  • summer_camp_300Lake Tahoe is full of unique camps that are oriented around the activities that your children enjoy, such as hockey, music, backcountry trails, family camps, 4H, pottery and more. Give them the chance to branch out and enjoy the fresh air while learning a variety of skill sets. It’ll be an experience they will never forget.

    Here are a few summer camps you and your kids might enjoy:

    T Pots Potter Camp (Truckee) — this is an art-intensive summer camp where kids can create many fun projects using different art forms. At the end of the camp, there is an art show for campers to feature their projects.

    Concord Family Camp (South Shore) — take your family to Camp Concord where the whole family stays in a rustic private cabin, eats prepared meals and partakes in a variety of interesting family activities.

    Tahoe Rim Trail Youth Backcountry Camp (various locations) — go beyond the campsite by learning essential backcountry techniques, like plan identification, map orientation, Leave No Trace and survival skills.

    Tahoe Kids Camp (South Lake) — aside from having fun, kids are encouraged to improve such skills as leadership, problem solving, decision making and cooperation. Camp out at Fallen Leaf Lake and enjoy tent camping at its best.

    Mountain Camp (Greater Area) — Mountain camp is a traditional co-ed summer camp for kids age 7 to 15. Kids enjoy a wide range of activities from sailing to biking, yoga and arts.

    Want to send your dogs to camp? Try Camp Winnaribbun (South Lake) — the camp for dogs and their people. Bring your dog to Camp Winnaribbun and participate in activities that improve obedience, agility, herding, tracking and more. Recommends: Camping at Lake Tahoe