Fun in the Sun at Lake Tahoe
  • Hiking is probably the favorite summer activity in Tahoe. The Incline Village/Crystal Bay area is fortunate because hikes are available for all levels from easy walks to strenuous climbs. And with the Tahoe Rim Trail Association located right in Incline Village it is easy to pick up information about hike locations, special guided hikes and everything you need to know before heading out. A couple of hikes that are not included in Tahoe Magazine, Summer Edition, are the Fire lookout in Crystal Bay, which is an easy hike. It is so easy that the local senior program uses it for wine and social hikes. And Tahoe Meadows is an easy walk/hike with handicap accessibility that is a short loop and allows views of wildflowers. Spooner Lake State Park also offers easy trails.

    Another great activity is basking at the beach. We have many spectacular beaches hiding in every corner of the lake. Many locals prefer a day at Sand Harbor, Hidden Beach or Skunk Harbor.

    Wonder if you could get in a game of Golf or set of Tennis? Absolutely. With spectacular golf courses, tennis courts and every other kind of recreation, it’s difficult to waste a moment of daylight in Tahoe.

    Tours and historical adventures include ones that will give you a real flavor for the area. Learn about colorful residents or hear about how famous stars like Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe spent time at the Cal Neva on a tunnel tour.

    Other summer fun at the lake includes sailing, biking, shopping and eating. If you need a recommendation, just ask a local. How do you identify a local? Watch for people who smile a lot, are very relaxed and definitely are on “Tahoe time”.