Lake Tahoe Weddings in High Demand
  • Getting married in a beautiful locale often tops the must-do list for many couples. For this reason, Lake Tahoe is one of the most popular wedding destinations, with about 12,800 weddings held in the area each year.

    Destination weddings have become a major industry trend; combining the ceremony with a vacation has increased the attractiveness of the Lake Tahoe Basin as a one-stop venue for the big day. Creating a memorable event is easy here, and the options are abundant; from mountain meadows to sandy beaches, Lake Tahoe is an ideal spot to wed.

    Need proof? Weddings, through direct and indirect means, represent a $246 million-per-year industry for the Lake Tahoe Basin. Some more statistics from the Honeymoon Association: The average wedding includes 50 people, costs $7,500 for the wedding reception and a two-night hotel stay for each guest, runs about $118 per night.

    Another reason Tahoe is a top destination for nuptials is its territorial presence in Nevada. This has helped encourage wedding visitors, as weddings have historically been easier to consummate in the Silver State.

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