Lake Tahoe’s Famous Vikingsholm
  • Vikingsholm: A rare example of Scandinavian architecture in the heart of Lake Tahoe.

    Vikingsholm may be the most extraordinary structure ever built in the Tahoe region. Built by hand, from the foundation to the hand-crafted metal fixtures, this home is a testament to 20th century ingenuity. Each summer visitors can tour the home of the late Ms. Lora Josephine Knight.

    In 1929 Mrs. Knight commissioned Swedish architect, Lennart Palme to build Vikingsholm in Emerald Bay. It’s considered to be one of the best examples of Scandinavian architecture in the United States, complete with a sod roof, hand-hewn timber and Norse style wood engravings throughout the home. Some of these architectural techniques date back to the 11th century and are considered to be a lost art amongst architects.

    Mrs. Knight also included Lake Tahoe’s only island, Fannette Island into the property, where she built a tea house that is accessible via boat. It’s a timeless feature that makes Emerald Bay one of the most photographed scenes in the United States. And if that wasn’t enough to evoke your inner Norsemen, the property also includes Lake Tahoe’s only waterfall, Eagle Falls, which feeds directly into the lake.

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