Lake Tahoe Diners: The 1950s are Alive and Delicious
  • Yes, you can still get a frothy vanilla milk shake while the snow is piling up along Lakeshore Boulevard. Why? Because the diner is an iconic institution at Lake Tahoe, and the diner community prides itself on one hell of a milkshake and grilled cheese.

    You’ll find that diners at Lake Tahoe are part of the living history here, with some of the buildings and even the folks inside them dating back more than a few decades. Famous people have eaten here, says a signed photo of said famous person, hanging proudly on the wall. Food served day and night, say other neon signs. And if you ask the locals nicely, they’ll tell you which diner to head to for the perfect mouse tracks milkshake or apple pie.

    Truckee’s got a real silver bullet diner; head to Sunnyside for a square meal and coffee inside the warm and homey diner nestled among the pines; check out the casino diners at Crystal Bay, old stomping ground of Frank Sinatra; the diner along Fanny Bridge in Tahoe City has the best view of the river as it leaves the clear blue lake basin; and check out the sweeping veranda in Tahoe City, and while you’re there, check out the hash and eggs – you might come back for lunch after a walk along Commons Beach.

    Whatever you do, don’t leave Tahoe without a trip to a diner, and don’t just order a sparkling water. Take a chance. Get the fresh-squeezed orange juice, the special, a cuppa, and don’t forget a slice of pie with ice cream. You know you want to. Browse the restaurant directory for a diner near you.