Planning a Lake Tahoe Picnic
  • Ready for some tasty comestibles, but not quite ready to head indoors while exploring paradise earth? Who could blame you. That’s why there are so many delis and incredible to-go shops smattering the perimeter of Lake Tahoe.

    If you’re hankering for a North Lake Tahoe picnic adventure, check out the delis in Tahoe City, from hole-in-the wall, one-room groceries to a phenomenal bake house with fresh bread and loads of sweet stuff, not to mention the restaurants dwelling between rivers at Fanny Bridge, you’re sure to find a suitable lunch to take off to Commons Beach for a picnic, or perhaps drive a bit south to find a lovely spot under the Sugar Pines at Sugar Pine Point after exploring the old mansion there. Camp Richardson is another great place to grab a bit at the local deli, or maybe an ice cream cone or hot chocolate, depending on the season, and head down to the water via a lovely little foot path at Valhalla.

    A great treat for the South Lake Tahoe picnic planner comes in the form of Baldwin Beach, with views to stun and a great spot for eating that take-away burrito or downing an artisan milkshake. Check out the beach at Zephyr Cove for a picnic on the pebbly beach over looking the clear blue water at a distance from the road. Closer to the Spooner cut-off, you’ll find a plethora of park and hike spots to enjoy in seclusion that braised vegetable ciabatta you picked up in Incline Village, along with your plastic bottle of beer or wine to round out the day. However you define picnic, you’re sure to find the foodstuffs and the patch of heaven on earth you’re looking for, only at Lake Tahoe.