Finding Everyday Shopping Items in Lake Tahoe
  • mainimage_shopping_services_grocery_teaserNeed to know where to buy milk and eggs, deposit that check or pick up some cold medicine? Though it might seem infeasible, Lake Tahoe everyday shopping is alive and thriving, and we’ll get you sorted in no time.

    If you’re spending time in North Lake Tahoe, Kings Beach is a great place to get your everyday necessities. You’ll find a pharmacy inside the major grocery store, just near where Highway 267 intersects the lake. This is also a great grocery store to stock up on pre-beach grub, water wings for the kids and a good paperback. You’ll find a laundromat, a dry cleaners and a few banks along the roadside, as well as movie rentals and several small convenience stores. For the hardware store, a greater assortment of banks and slightly more-expensive groceries, head to Incline Village. You’ll also find a few automotive shops and a higher concentration of gas stations, also a bit on the pricey side, as you’re in a resort market.

    For those looking for everyday necessities in South Lake Tahoe, as a proper city, you’ll find all you need and more. Expect to find just about every bank, grocery and gas station represented, with attendant small convenience shops and liquor stores. Beware the area right around Stateline, though, as this tends to be a bit tourist-trappy and thus the prices sneak up a bit.

    Whatever you’re looking for in the way of everyday shopping Lake Tahoe is sure to have it, most likely visible from the road, and ready to help you settle in.