Mexican Tastes of North Lake Tahoe
  • mainimage_restaurants_mexican_teaserJonesin’ for a fish taco, killer burrito or a steaming hot plate of rice and beans? Nestled all around Lake Tahoe, you’ll find taco stands and burrito joints that might just melt your socks off.

    From mondo burritos at the corner shop in Incline Village after a gnarly downhill bike ride, to a pile of nachos in Kings Beach as you plow through a bucket of Coronas after a bit too much sun, North Lake Tahoe Mexican food will hit the spot. With the standard sit-downs, not only will you encounter an incredible menu, featuring it all from the seasonal to the funky to the down-right weird, you can take your siesta right out there on the patio overlooking the lake, or underneath a stand of Lodgepole pines watching the local wildlife.

    Seems like the chefs presiding over these fine establishments have a sense of adventure, as well as a sense of humor, offering novelty in the form of strawberry-basil margaritas and tostadas piled with mystery ingredients. Tahoe Mexican food is all about cantinas, haciendas, wisterias and grills that will fit in just fine with your weekend plans.

    Check out Tahoe City for the enclosed patio cantina, home of an incredible selection of tequilas, or head south to sample the shamelessly authentic carne asada in the City of South Lake Tahoe. Check out the directory for more information. You’ll find quite the range, from dive-y burrito shacks to gourmet haute cuisine, with prices and atmospheres to match. And chances are, as you sit down to enjoy whatever it is you enjoy about a well-deserved Mexican meal, you’ll find the sun setting calmly on the cool clear water of Lake Tahoe.