Lake Tahoe Water Sports Rental Guide
  • Ready to hit the water ‘Baywatch’ style? Well, you might not find that red one-piece up here, but you can run along the beach, water toy in hand, and hit the waves.

    Kayaks and canoe rentals start at around $15 per hour for a single sit-on-top, and prices go up from there. Most places have great deals where the longer you rent, the less you pay per hour (like $60 for a half day, and $80 for a full day). Some rental places also have a drop-off and pick-up service to scenic spots like Sand Harbor State Park. You can pre-register for guided tours on the water with some rental shops, too.

    At places like Kings Beach State Park, you can rent giant water trikes and paddle boats, starting from around $20 an hour. For the same price, rent a stand-up paddle board and try to stay upright.

    Ready to just sit back and watch the water, without all the work? Why not give parasailing a try? Lake Tahoe parasailing is among the best in the world, and why not, with the beautiful blue water below, the mountains sinking beneath your feet as you float upward, harnessed to a colorful parachute? Tahoe parasailing is available all around the lake, starting from around $50 for a standard trip.

    Lake Tahoe jet skis rentals are generally by the hour, starting from around $50 with various deals on fuel. Or raft the Truckee from Fanny Bridge at North Shore. Rentals from $35, including parking and the free shuttle. Choose one and get out on that water.

    And remember to check the directory for seasonal specials and great deals. Recommends: Stand-Up Paddle Boarding at Tahoe