Lake Tahoe Souvenir Hunting
  • mainimage_shopping_services_clothing_teaserSo you want to find a Lake Tahoe T-shirt, a Lake Tahoe hat or a Lake Tahoe-emblazoned hoodie? You’re SO not alone. It seems like almost everyone who visits the area wants to take home something that says “Lake Tahoe” on it. And why not? Chances are, this is the best vacation you’ve ever had, and you’d like to have a memento.

    Lake Tahoe souvenir shops line Lake Tahoe Boulevard at intervals all around the lake. See the directory for a complete listing.

    Whether you’re in South Lake Tahoe at the marina or heading north to Emerald Bay, you can stop at nearly any local business and find a Lake Tahoe key chain, a rubber Tahoe Tessie rear-view mirror dangle, or even a hand-carved wooden Christmas tree ornament with a stand-up paddle boarder underneath the words Lake Tahoe.

    At North Lake Tahoe souvenir shops you might find a crystal or a wind chime stating that you’ve been here, not to mention the incredible treasure trove of bumper stickers from the area; “Keep Tahoe Blue” is one of the most popular and available for a small donation almost everywhere. There are even a few shops that sell immaculately designed silver or gold pendants in the shape of Lake Tahoe, set with blue opals and adorned by that little green gem indicating Emerald Bay. And if you’ve got room in the rented SUV, be sure to stop along the road when you see the tree-stumps carved into the local specimen of black bear; you’ll get to take home a souvenir of the one Tahoe treasure you were likely to avoid.