Preparing for a Lake Tahoe Beach Day
  • You’re up early, the sun is shining and you’re heading to the beach. Put on the suit, grab some towels and you’re there, well, almost. You might want to pack a few essentials, since the summer days are hot and dry, the sun is more potent and you might get hungry.

    Many of the beaches around Lake Tahoe are close enough to a hardware store, quicki-mart or beach hut that if you forget something you can just grab it on the way or take a walk at lunchtime to ward off sleepiness. A good place to start is to have a few dollars handy for the parking lot; this saves time and turning around to find an ATM, and leaves more time for the beach.

    You also might want to have a few beaches in mind before heading out, since Sand Harbor closes the parking lot when full—as early as 10 a.m. on a busy weekend, or if the volleyball courts are full at North Tahoe Beach. Plan for a chilly morning, hot afternoon, and chilly evening by bringing a swim suit, cover up, and a warm change of clothes or at least a jacket to stave off the beach shivers.

    You’ll probably want a beach blanket or some folding chairs, and it’s generally nice to bring an umbrella. If you anticipate the munchies, pack a cooler, but make sure you buy cans or plastic bottles (no glass on the beach), and take more food than you think, because you’ll end up staying at the beach longer than you planned! At the very least, bring some water, high SPF sunscreen and the camera to capture some of the beauty of Lake Tahoe.