Preparing for a Hike in Lake Tahoe’s High Sierra
  • Hiking in Lake Tahoe’s High Sierra will surely round out your visit to the lake, from sore muscles and breathtaking vistas, you won’t soon forget the beauty of Lake Tahoe on the trail. The first thing to do is get a book. Easy Day Hikes Lake Tahoe is popular with locals and visitors alike. In Lake Tahoe there are mountain climbs, gentle traverses, long treks and afternoon walkabouts, in every possible combination with mountain lakes scattered throughout the region.

    Once you’ve chosen a hike and found a detailed map, you’ll need to find out where to park and make arrangements for longer hikes by shuttling vehicles. You’ll want to leave a copy of the map with someone who’s not going with you, with an estimated time of return. Be sure to take the book and map with you when you go; the trails are marked, but it always helps to have a little extra guidance.

    If you need a bit of outfitting before setting out, you’ll find hiking gear a Lake Tahoe obsession. You’ll need hiking-appropriate shoes, and a range of layer-friendly clothing to help stay warm, dry, cool, and comfortable as you hike in Lake Tahoe’s High Sierra.

    Keep in mind that the weather is fairly extreme here; you’ll want warm layers for morning and evening, even in the heat of August, as well as cooler layers for sunny or strenuous conditions. You’ll want to bring a map, a cell phone or a beacon, a small first aid kit (or at the very least a few bandaids for blisters), lots of clean water and some energy-dense food to snack on, even if it’s just a short hike.

    You might also bring some toilet paper and a few plastic bags to pack it out. Don’t forget to pack a hat and sun block, maybe some polarized shades to cut down on the glare, and definitely the camera. You’re going to have a good time